If you have considered implementing a safety, quality or environment management system or already have one in place, then you would have questioned yourself as to whether you really need an internal auditor for your ISO management system.

Well, it can seem like a luxury to small and medium businesses. However, all organisations implementing an ISO management system should consider having a dedicated internal auditor irrespective of the size of the organisation. Internal auditing helps in measuring success and controlling the processes in order to ensure complete compliance with your organisations’ management system. Internal audits help organisations accomplish business objectives, create a systematic approach to monitor and evaluate the processes and procedures and create a roadmap for improvement strategies.

The internal auditor plays a very significant role which involves monitoring the current processes and systems and suggesting improvements for maintenance of desired efficiency levels. While external auditors will review and suggest changes which are pretty much a one-time interaction, internal auditors will ensure that the organisation is continually evaluated for superior performance and evaluation, latest standards without affecting the performance of the organisation. Internal auditors are already well versed with the finer nuances of quality management systems and by reviewing the new standards and policies, they can get the required improvements done faster and in a more organised manner. The organisation and top management need to recognise the real worth of their internal auditors, nurture and develop those people, and make use of their insight.

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